Our Promise

Everything we do is solely to advance the interests of our clients. In every action we take and in all advice we give, we hold the client’s best interest as our highest priority.

Fulfilling this promise is the highest duty of our firm.

Our Practice

We sell nothing except our advice and knowledge. Our clients receive expert advice in all areas of wealth management. This includes, but is not limited to, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, investments and wealth building, asset allocation, insurance, and charitable giving.

How to Explain What I Do

I have a longstanding problem concerning how to explain the work I do. When I describe myself as a wealth manager people often wonder what that really means. Referring to myself as a lawyer who helps people with their money only creates more confusion. Using the widely known descriptor of “financial advisor” causes many people to confuse my work with that of an investment advisor or broker. I want to be able to describe what I do fully and understandably in just a few words.

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